Updates, Updates, Updates!

Well, day one of our closed beta is complete, and boy has it been busy! Time to talk about new features!

  • Subscriptions – users may now allow other users to “subscribe” to their feed, which gives them instant access to updates without requiring a mutual friendship. Account owners may decide to accept a subscriber as a mutual friend, or ignore the request.  [Finished]
  • Galleries – Coming soon, the ability to view all of a user’s photos and organize them in gallery folders [Coming soon]
  • Manual Cropping – Deciding where to crop your profile picture is a biggie. [Coming Soon]
  • Groups – Looking for group spaces for different interests and friends? It’s coming soon! [Coming Soon]
  • Events – Planning events takes hard work. And a place to do so. [Coming Soon]
  • Fetish wiki – finally, a database of fetishes. Just what I like to read on a Saturday night. [Coming Soon]

And here’s a short list of issues that were identified:

Addressed Issues:

  • Hard to read/inconsisten text box sizes on login/register. Fixed
  • Couldn’t save gender on Firefox. Fixed
  • Subscription users needed to “ignore” friend requests without booting the subscriber. Fixed
  • Self-made notifications were appearing if you reply to your own post. Fixed
  • Turning off friend-posts on your wall wasn’t working in all situations. Fixed

Stay tuned for more!

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